Color in a diamond are a result of either a impurity or structural defectc , Any color in a diamond significantly lowers the value of a diamond.
Cut is one the most important of the 4C’s of a diamond. Diamond cutting has evolved in the course of time, from the past...
Fluorescence is the property of diamond , which makes it glow when it is kept under a UV ( Ultra Violet ) light.
Clarity is the relative freeness from inclusions. The cleaner a diamond ,the better is its quality. IF and VVS Clarity grade sits...
Before purchasing a diamond, you should expect to review a copy of its certificate as proof that it has undergone an unbiased, professional examination....
After each and every diamond goes through the rigorous process of selection of its Color, Clarity, Cut , and Fluorescence, the diamond is sent...
Unheated Untreated Natural Gemstones with Internationally Accepted certificates.
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