D-Screen Test

Since the eighties, synthetic diamonds ( man made diamonds ) have become a real threat and concern for the diamond industry. It is now possible to manufacture Diamonds in a lab using either of the two process namely HPHT ( High Pressure High Temperature ) or CVD ( Chemical Vapour Deposition), both of these are very sophisticated scientific process and the synthetic diamonds produced using these methods needs equally sophisticated techniques and instruments.

Since 1999 a technique of turning some brown diamonds to colorless diamonds have come into commercial practice. Detection of these synthetic and Treated diamonds were a challenge for the scientists and researchers, that is when HRD developed a instrument called “ D-SCREEN” which distinguishes diamonds that are not synthetic and have not been HPHT color enhanced ( may have their color improved by the HPHT process). We at ML- Varenium , use D-SCREEN to check each and every diamond so that you can be sure that you are not buying any synthetic or HPHT treated diamond.

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